Happy Thanksgiving (teacups)

Whenever I reach for a mug for my tea, I grab the smallish blue teacup with the matching saucer. It’s the color of a Tiffany’s box (I’ve never actually had a Tiffany’s anything, but because I have a vagina, I’m in the know) It has dainty blue flowers and I use the saucer because I like the chink sound it makes when I return cup to the saucer. It’s one of a kind and I picked it up at my favorite Philadelphia thrift shop.

That said, I never, ever use one of the six Twister mugs in the cupboard. (those are for the rare occurrence that I have to serve coffee to more than 3 people at a time). Occasionally I’ll use the gold leaf mug, but only if the small teacup is dirty. I notice closely what mug people choose at work when getting the morning caffeine fix. The big bold colored ones go first. The plain white ones grow dusty in the back.

So this morning- very early this morning- when I was enjoying cartoons, I examined the blue teacup closely. The tea is not affected by which cup it is in. I usually go for seconds with the teacup. Not really convenient. Why do I need to be so pretentious as to use a fancy cup and saucer in the privacy of my own home, when no one is looking, when no one else could give a shit even if they were looking?

So I thought: life is the tea, and the cup is the fixins- the clothes, the job, paying $65 for a haircut, taking a cab from Spring Garden to Market when it drizzles. The tea is what counts, right? A little Splenda here and there is nice.

I even brought a Twister mug to use at work- in all its plain white out-dated glory.

"The richest person is not the person who has the most, but who needs the least"- Grandma

happy thanksgiving.

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