Me > Death v.1

This morning I woke up in my makeup (which is kinda a relief. I like waking up and looking like a female). My mouth was dry, my legs sore from elliptical-ing, and my stomach felt like I had consumed too much wine the night before. Regardless, I showered, painted on my public face, and went to go donate blood.

I took the earliest appointment so I wouldn’t be late for work. Donating was fine. I like watching when they fill those little tubes. Blood moves way fast, yo. After giving the gift of life, I quickly grabbed my tea (which they had meanly taken away from me) and sped towards the train station. I got about a block before the thought of ‘this sprinting is not a good idea’ floated through my pillowy head. So I took one of my favorite forms of transportation: cab. I told the friendly driver to take me to 417 north 8th.

He said, “American Cross Center?”

I said, “close enough.”

So I’m in the backseat chilling with my tea (which is now 10 degrees away from iced tea), watching the trees swoosh by. Picking at my chipped nail polish. Looking at my argyle shoes. Wondering what kinds of meetings I’ll have today:

a. conference call into Seattle begging them to work faster.

b. Lunch meeting… free lunch. Sweet.

c. Pharmaceutical creative meeting (oxymoron)… what’s a nicer way to say ‘Cope with Depression?’

d. All of the above.

We’re moseying on up 7th Street. My neck becomes jello, my head weightless, and the picture fades to black. I wake up and the driver is hovering over me. “Miss! Miss! I take you to the hospital.” I’m so thoroughly freaked out that a strange man is hovering over me that I just look at him wide-eyed. I’m disgusted that I’m laying in a cab (gross). I’m pissed that I have blood and tea on my favorite blazer. Where the fuck is my ‘Be Nice to Me. I Donated Today” sticker?! Oh, there it is.

I tell him I’m fine. He’s clearly upset and possibly on the verge of tears. I wonder if he thought I was on drugs. Nah the sticker gave it away probably, oh well. I try to sit up, and he tells me to stay. Uh, no, Complete Stranger. I will not stay lying in your cab. This prompts me to get up faster. I give him a twenty for a $10 ride… and the inconvenience of leaving the drivers seat.

So now I’m safety at work recovering from giving away some of my lifeblood. (which reminds me how Nana used to affectionately call me her ‘hearts blood.’ Kinda gruesome). Slowly I recover my strength, only a fraction faster than how work drains it away.

p.s. did you know that when you clean iodine off with soap and water it turns dark blue?! Way awesome!

p.p.s. i appreciate all your concern and sincerely hope you now understand how fragile my life is. dinner? sure. thats sweet of you.

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