Vargas Boy

-I think you're a little devilish too you just don't let people know.
-I think people know just fine…or at least suspect
-I think the only reason people suspect you're devilish is because of the way you wear your mascara.
-Probably doesn't help. It's eyeliner actually.
-That's what I meant.
-The eyeliner does scream 'temptress' I suppose.
-It does.
-Plus your hair and the way you dress. See I'm dangerous because I don't look devilish
-Wait, the way I do my hair and the way I dress? I usually dress like a dirty 13 year old boy and my hair... is a mess
-Yeah but it's not conventional
-Non-conventional equals dangerous, makes people uncomfortable. Like a vargas boy.
-No, but it makes you an unknown quantity
-Ew math.
-I just dress like an eccentric old person. People don't know I'm devious. They can never tell what I'm thinking…which I like.
-I don't usually know, but when I do, I'm worried.
-Good, I like it that way.

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