Giving and Getting and Making it Count

Many have called me a Grinch.

And it's probably- to some extent- true, at least from Black Friday to December 20ish (especially on Black Friday). After that I'm right on par with the holiday spirit. During this time of giving, of new gadgets and sweaters, I encourage you to not buy me anything this year. I'm getting too big for my shell and my place is overflowing with things I no longer- or ever- need. When I moved from the third to the seventh floor of my building a couple months ago, I had to carry four armfuls of collared work shirts. Three changes of bedding. Two garbage bags of shoes. My pots and Frannie's bonsai treeee.

And I hope everyone forgives me, but I'm not buying you presents either. I did my little Secret Santa thing, I have something for Daddy. Everyone else is just getting a donation in their name. And if your conscience will not let you get away with a Christmas without buying me something (which some of you are prone to do) I have a solution. I've been working 50 hour weeks for a month now and all that overtime has afforded me to donate- in at least some capacity- to the below listed organizations:

Mercy Corp

This is probably my favorite gift to give of all time. This Christmas I'd like to buy a pig, or help bee harvesters, or help Uganda farmers overcome displacement.

The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

A non-profit camp in NYC for girls ages 8-18. The program is founded on the proposition that music can serve as a powerful tool of self-expression and self-esteem-building. Rock on, bitches.

Girls Write Now

Teaching girls to expand their natural writing talents, develop independent creative voices, and build confidence in making healthy choices in school, career and life.

Malaria No More

Works to eliminate the affects of malaria in Africa through distribution of insecticide-treated bed nets, education, and treatment.

Camp Dreamcatcher

Summer day camp for children who may be coping with the HIV/AIDS infection of a family member, the death of one or both parents, or their own HIV/AIDS infection.

That being all said, I want to encourage everyone to consider an alternative gift this year: the gift of warm fuzzies for that person who has everything anyway.

And believe me, babe, I got it all. happy holidays, my friends, and a most fabulous new years.


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