Monday Blues-n-Haikus

Advertising job
Passing the day with haikus
Billable hours

“Chevy Chase”
A stranger’s basement
Sleeping on a pull out couch
Loud plastic crinkle

Friday night dinners
Amanda says ‘fuck my life’
Ish will fall asleep.

I choose to ignore
syllables and country lines,
for the love of words and sighs
and passenger rides,
though it forms rhythm
with lunar cycle beats kept
so it can’t be bad.

I’m a poet, son
Japanese mix master
Straight up gangsta shit.

Childhood calling
Grass stained jeans and bicycles
Skinned elbows heal quick.

My Forevergreen
Hold my head, we’ll trampoline.
My Velouria

Hey, babe, you’re like a
Exothermic reaction
Spreading your hotness

"Ode Upon a Grecian MP3 Player"
Switch to Verizon
The better way to prepay
Unlimited texts

Five, seven, five, what?
This haiku doesn’t make sense.

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