Prehistoric Creatures/Earthworms

MEMORY: Prehistoric Creature
I’m four and my grandparents are taking me on rides at the Jersey shore boardwalk. The beach is right there so we walk out to the water to see if there are any dolphins. Grandma doesn’t like getting her feet wet, or sandy, or walking on the beach in general, so she sits in a hole that someone must have dug earlier. She’s pretty content to sit on the sidelines while my grandfather and I walk out into the ocean knee-high, which on me is not that far at all.

Grandma gives in and comes near the water to let us know that it’s just about dinner time. This is how it went for the vast amount of my childhood: Pop and I doing something fun, Grandma calling us in for dinner, making sure we scrubbed our hands good, with warm water *and* soap. We walk towards the boardwalk, but stop at the hole. My grandfather kneels down and examines where my grandmother had just been resting.

“Jame, come look! What do you think made such an imprint?”

Obviously Grandma’s dupah, I thought, looking at the wide-sphered indents.

“A prehistoric creature!”

This is my grandfather’s humor. He got smacked for this one. And 16 years later, he got smacked again for bringing it up again at the dinner table.



I don’t think I believe in heaven though.

What do you mean?

Well I don’t think anyone deserves an eternity in hell, especially if humans are designed with inherent flaws. So if there is no hell, conversely, there must not be a heaven, not in the conventional sense. No angels with harps, Francis at the gate... I believe in earthworms.

(visual disapproval from Grandma)

Oh Ja-mie!

Well that’s who I’ll surrender my body to one day. And my soul usually follows my body so might as well make friends with earth now.

I think you’ve got too much education. Gotta believe in somethin’ greater.

Well I believe in decomposition, and earthworms, and dirt. Those are pretty great I think.

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