Mockingbird Snooze

I curled my body around the trunk of a strong pine

with the idea of sleep.

My stomach concaved to fit its bark

my arms a circle around its waist.

“Keep an ear to the ground,” he said.

So I did.

I tried my best

to hear earthworms wiggle and turn the soil

sweat and toil

but all I heard was ticking.

And all I smelled was beets

And bicycle grease.

A pillow of half digested leaves

and a pine needle cot.

A mockingbird alarm clock,

swooping away with duel blurred white spots.

Or was it a veery or a finch?

Perhaps a barn swallow?

Though I guess it doesn’t matter much

as a mockingbird by any other name

would sing and sound the same

…as others.

Finally, those worms did rise and shine and stretch

And kissed me with their dragon breath

We lay in bed with blaring forest radio news

But rolled and hit that mockingbird snooze.

[ I lick your fingers before I turn the page.]

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