Spoon & the Walkmen

The boyfriend and I went and saw Spoon at the Electric Factory last night. Never disappointed. What I am usually disappointed in is their opening acts. Clientele? Really? The Ponys didn’t even show up the last time. And their other four opening acts I’ve seen them with… uh, can’t remember.

But this time, the Walkmen opened and were fan-motherfuckin-tastic. I don’t mind admitting that they didn’t even hit my radar until last night, but I think this is the first opening act that I didn’t spend at the concession stand for. I’m a sucker for any dude in a three-piece suit. Suspenders make me hot.

The show was marketed as an ‘intimate performance,” but that’s awfully hard when it’s sold out and sponsored by Camel cigarettes. However, a couple drinks will make anything feel more intimate.

The set list was pretty good (though how can they not play “Way We Get By” or “Fitted Shirt”??). I think I like concerts just for the mere fact that the bass is loud enough to rattle my ovaries and I can see what all the other hipsters are wearing.

Last words: does this mean I have to wait for a whole new album before another Spoon show? Sadness.

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