Limericks are the New Haikus

There once was a girl named Jai
Who dropped bombs all night and day
Limerick rhyme feats
Haiku kept beats
I’m gangster, son, see NWA

Greater than X but lesser than Y
3.141592 equals pi
Oh academia!
Threadbare bohemia!
Love everything you are divisible by.

You have a face like a lunar crater
First lesser, then growing greater
Come, succumb,
Celestial alum
Twirl along your magnetic equator

Come over for a lesson in bodily geography
With hands on my warm flesh topography
You don’t need a map
This is a booby trap
Navigate me like the Black Sea.

“July 4th”
The sky is heavy, drip and drizzle
Arsenic flair, aluminum glare, tin fizzle
Fishes zoom
Illuminated bloom
Fleeting red, blue, amber thistle.

Stained blue-tongue kool-aid giggle
Strawberry blueberry jello shot jiggle
Kiss cheeks
Math geeks
Poetry notebook pen ink squiggle

“Black Eyes”
Sweetheart, baby, I’ll always be by your side
Or I’ll quietly pack and leave if you decide
I won’t ask whys
I’ll wear your black eyes
Darling, darling, I’ll be your porcelain bride.

Uniforms that sin, death in Berlin
Hand grenade grin, pulled pin
Mass graves
Atomic waves
Everyone everywhere, a small violin

“Thee Our Father”
Carnation bouquet for a passion play
We fast the day and together we pray
A book of psalms
Hands palm to palm
Father, forgive us for our moral decay

Our sisters’ sneeze, our neighbors’ knees
Our children’s uneaten peas, our enemies
The scribe’s pen
The brooding hen
Our given-word guarantees, written-word decrees.

Our lovers’ eyes, grocery store quarter prize
Our lovers’ thighs, grand orchestra finale reprise
Told attic stories
Fallen hero glories
Purple sky sunrise, lunar night goodbyes

Our fathers’ seed, our mothers’ knead
After school tricycle speed, wobbly indeed
Bride and groom
Forever I presume
Slow dance lead, slow mouth plead

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