Summer of Celibacy 2008!!

The abstinence challenge is well-underway and I am pleased to announce that my lack of endeavors has raised thousands for children living with spinal bifida! [not really]. I’m not sure why I started, but there was a definite beginning. Of this much, I am certain.

So what do you do with your hands all day?

Lately they’ve been up to the wrist in flour, as I’m trying out new recipes for the bakery that I’m going to open up just as soon as I have a master’s degree in something. I’m going to call it “Roux” and if you get the reference, yeaahhh. Also, I’ve finished four books since the beginning of summer and I’ve enlivened lots of coloring book pages. I’m into friendship bracelets.

As I much as I support (just about) anyone’s sexual habits, I have learned that the parents that have taught their children that ‘true love waits,’ hate their children.

Why are you doing this?

I like to challenge myself each and every day. I set out to master the paper crane yesterday. Do you know how aggravating it is to follow those god damn origami directions? Infuriating. Though I have made the crane, and if I make 999 more I can cure someone of leukemia.

Also my battement tendu could use some work.

What have you learned on this journey?

When will it end?!
A) when my willpower gives out
B) when someone worthwhile gives out
C) when the world comes to an end
D) all of the above

Now donate to spinal bifida.

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