I am the Had, the Having, and Been
I am the Having Had and the Had Been
I am the Having Had Been

But not the Had Been Having


I swirled my wine in circles, more out of boredom than to catch undertones- whatever those were. I was thinking about a ten-card spread where I was the knave, of coins, living by the moon, just waiting for some fire. I’ve been a rogue all right, throwing all my pennies in fountain [drinks].


Ever notice how falling snow gulps up the train squeals, the distant grandma spills, the celestial twinkly white pills?


Today, I wore a new dress that everyone told me was quite pretty. It’s the kind of dress I would wear to someone-else’s-family’s party. And I found a dollar, crisp, on the floor. I told my baby sister how proud of her I was. It’s her birthday today, which seems like a good time to tell her. After I get out of work, I’m going to the market to buy a couple of my favorite things so I can cook for some of the people I love most. I wish I’d get some sleep but almost nothing can wipe this stupid grin off my face. Yeah, sleep would be nice.Icecream? Baby, I thought you’d never ask.

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