“Give me liberty” -or- “Give me death"

My ancestors lassoed a velociraptor
In funky wooly mammoth sweaters

In sweaters we don’t need right now
Because God, with a capital ‘G’
Is giving us an extra big hug
With just a little more smog

We walk streets glittering with the American Dream
-or- shards of last night’s Colt 45
(guess we forgot to recycle)

Passing beggars who don’t want your coins
They want

Can we?

Because I’m not so sure.

When we rear our own ugly heads
When someone else looks into our eyes
To see into our souls,

What will they see?

g-stringed pandemics when we can’t get food on our tables

slur gunslingers in cities supposedly built on brotherly love

where killing a man, makes you more of one
but where loving a man, makes you less

Turning our noses up when we peep into our neighbor’s windows
Coveting their mail order wives
We should ask what they see, just past our patchwork curtains

We have lost boys in our own backyard

We have men that beat their wives in the room down the hall

We build bombs in our own basements

But I’m not saying that we’re wrong
Or that we’re right

but “we are”
-or- “we can”

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