In the last five minutes of my "Strategy and Competitive Advantage" class, my professor casually assigned the following question for tomorrow's class:

What is your life vision?

Really?? After several hundred false attempts, this is what I have. This is my life's vision:

To have a vision implies having a plan, a path. And while I understand that in order to accomplish D, you must sometimes first complete A, B and C, this nonetheless means that eventually you’ll hit Z. And then what?

We live our lives by our own philosophies, benchmarking against own expectations, deciding when the box is fit to be checked. And what’s the big deal about D anyway? Is D the goal? Is Z? Or is it simply to learn the alphabet? At what point are you satisfied enough to fly your ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner?

It would be nice to leave accredited from this institution of higher learning, would be nice to go on to get shinier degrees with more elaborate frames, would be nice to make six, seven, eight figures, but my vision is not to be student, nor planet-saver, nor wife to bear beautiful children. My vision is rather simple: to be 20/20. My vision is to live stories worth re-telling.

How do you justify 13,000 feet of falling, holding the hands of someone you hardly know; swimming in the Atlantic, in January, twice; or sleeping on the plastic-lined couches of strangers. What rationale do you use to explain biking across the state with nothing but a twenty, a jar of peanut butter and a bouquet of flowers; eating a box of clementines waiting for the sun to rise, with sand in hair. They were stories to share and things I saw when I remembered to not blink too much.

If these pressing economic times persist, I’ll still have a pocketful of gems for the willing ear, which may be more than your eight-figure job and your hand-carved frames. Really, it’s all about ROI.

We are so often told to look to the future, to the horizon, to beyond. We are recommended to plan, often meticulously, the highways which will assumingly eventually lead us to a goal, or to the end of a continent. In such a case, I can only recommend a swim.

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