Heppy Bersday

I brought in the year with a bang, glass table. Plucked paper lemon trees, duct taped, extras cut and added when the weather warms. Del wrapped me sunshine in a solar paneled mason jar for when it gets dark and I want to seem candle-lit. (Girls peek confident when candle-lit, keeps bad guys at bay). Mideast feast munchies, yes please.

Heppy Bersday sung by three Japanese sushi-rice-smiling waitresses, in blue, with little sister. I blew out one previously used glittery pink candle atop a scoop of green tea ice cream, forgot to make a wish.

Daddy passed high school sweetheart class rings, inscribed, to the eldest, saying “she should have been your mother, the one who got away.”

Thanks all who shared my birthday with me! xo

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