Lesson Learned: Blog Smack

I’d like to say that I’ve learned a valuable lesson today, that talking smack online is wack. But the bigger lesson learned is that creeps will find you no matter what. And by resurfacing in unconnected facets of my life, they will reveal their true character. This is factual. The link to this blog is not posted on my facebook, myspace, or bebo. I think I might have included a link to a post via twitter, but that was a long time ago.

Likely, you are reading this because:
- I sent you the link
- a friend sent you the link
- it was featured somewhere and you randomly checked it out amidst thousands of other blogs
- you’re a lesbian who’s into social networking

If you fit into the above criteria and you dig me, I dig you. Welcome to the Yukon Tickertape. If you do not fit into these criteria, you are source for suspect. Tread carefully.

This is kinda feels like that time when a past love got really upset because I casually mentioned on this blog that I found a complete stranger attractive. Well, he was good looking. I can say such things without prosecution- online or off. And similarly, six months ago, I realized this other person was totally not for me for a variety of reasons that I outlined quite comically. (or at least I thought so)

The fact of the matter is that I speak truths, son. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. I know your outlook towards the opposite sex is already iffy. Girls are mean, even the nice ones. It’s a good thing that you learn this now while you’re young.

p.s. stop texting me, please.
p.p.s. my man doesn't apprec


Anonymous said...

Right. Well there's an inherent difference between the "heartbreaking" capability of a woman and downright snobbery*. Open-minded liberal girl sees "close-minded" conservative boy's political views on Facebook and has a virtual baby over it (who brought it up first? Oh right). Two years my senior and you possess such an erudite knowledge of the world around you (because you wear obscure clothes and reference Blake Sennett instead of Rilo Kiley). Gotcha. Every "social networking" website at your disposal and fully utilized? Check. Spare time? Double check. Impossible to please? Triple check. Caution: Dull Alert.

Not old enough to buy booze (yet old enough to meet, nice). Heaven forbid I open up about my family, and how I feel about my parents. I had to hear about a forever long
relationship with a member of the Saudi Royal Family. Ugh. How's that for baggage?

Want to eat at a restaurant?


Oh Jesus Christ, here we go. Let's flip through the pages of spontaneity. What? A camera? Oh God help me. Art reigns supreme, actual date may vary.

"...he brought the cheese. The good kind". Yeah, five bucks for a brick of cheddar cheese; éclat.

Probz pretentious.

*I'm sure you have the pocket dictionary/thesaurus from the corner bookstore you travel to cracked open, but what I'm implying here is: you're a snob.

jaibee said...

That's actually more or less true. I am quite pretentious, perhaps even snotty, but definately not dull.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yo girl,
i read your blog and i'm actually not a lez or anything... i just googled "yukon tickertape" and your journal came up. & i'm not a troll or anything i never do this but it's just unbelievable how much i feel we relate. just know if you ever question yourself or anything you're not the only atheist, tree-hugging chick on the east coast. and every post you write is something i've thought about or totally agree with. like i read your posts and out loud think "whoa i totally thought about!" this is sucha lesbian sounding comment eff. ah well,keep it real

jaibee said...

thanks for the comment, dani! i dig that you dig, and don't worry about sounding like a total lez- everyone loves lesbians.

read on, mama.

Conor said...

Fantastic. Sorry about the drama (for all in involved), but I think lessons were learned.

On the subject of talking smack online, check out this little ditty I wrought that now has over 50 comments, the majority of which are rather hateful (I number among them, naturally).

It makes me want to be nice online for the same reason I'm nice IRL: it's simply less work.