Punk'd: Mac Edition

These people would be named Ed and Dolores.

You know that Mac app where you can distort your face all crazy? What. the. fuck. The other night me and the boy sat in front of his computer, his lap numb from me parking my fat ass on it, making the most absurd faces at his computer. We made aliens, and camels, and today he showed me the birth scene he made after I went to bed. And we did this happily for the greater part of an hour.

If I weren’t doing it in good company, I would totally petition to get back that hour of my life. But I had a brilliant idea today when I was working -- how funny would it be if you could webcam your friends’ faces as they played with that stupid app? They would be so embarrassed. And being a good friend, you would conveniently send them the youtube link where you’ve already uploaded this hilarity for the larger online community. Try explaining that video to your parents who still aren’t sure how to program numbers into their cellular telephones.


And can we talk about some of the options? Yay! you no longer need any photoshop skills to make yourself into a comic book character, or put yourself in an aquarium scene, or my personal favorite, pop “art” of yourself. (Warhol would have loved this) Can you imagine the first people that invented the computer, the kind that took up entire rooms, and have to explain to them?

“Yeah, we got this computer thing down to 5ish pounds and when you’re not accessing all the world’s knowledge on the (insert finger quotes) ‘internet,’ you can make yourself a cyclops!”

The Camel

Just judging by the stupid shit I did to make that camel face, I can imagine how creative some people get. (Confession: I smooshed my boobs together using the fish eye lens to see what it would look like if I got fake titties. (and I hate that MSWord tells me that ‘titties’ is spelled wrong, because I’m 100% sure it’s not))

Why hasn’t someone been punk’d by this yet?

DISCLAIMER: the male figure in these pictures is fictional representation. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidental. This person is definitely not running for public office in the future. So forget you saw it here.

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Conor said...

Well, I think the simple reason is that the webcam isn't the most easily accessible security hole. Sure, there was a bad scene a year or two ago with the iSight being accessible to website-based attacks (it's since been patched by Apple, but the trick still works as a proof of concept on the local level), but other than that, it's not a big vulnerability.

Plus, it would be nearly impossible to record a video from the iSight (using, say, Quicktime) while the iSight is simultaneously being used by Photobooth. I wish that weren't the case, but really only one program at a time can access it.

There's still the old hidden-camera-in-the-room method, though.