Washington, Washington

This past weekend I was in Washington DC for PowerShift 2009. IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME.

“Civil Rights, Hip Hop and the New Eco-Equity Movement” was by far the best workshop. Reverend Lennox Yearwood put some fire in our bellies (at 9am) and I’m furthermore convinced that I want to drop out of college, move to Oakland, and sell my soul to Van Jones.

But after three days in our national’s capitol, I have come to another important realization, one that has implications for my own personal life: Washington has no soul. Cool people who go to Washington DC will inevitably be drained of whatever made them unique and special in the first place.

See, the boy has been accepted at Georgetown Law, and at first I was super stoked because Washington seemed like a cool town that I’d like to visit. Plus I guess it’s a pretty good school or something.

But then I had to pay $10 for a Cosi salad, which angered me some. And then I realized that everyone is a sad walking Brooks Brothers suit, aged 30-50 years. Even at a café called “Bus Boys and Poets,” the people were dreadfully one-dimensional. Also, the White House is not so cool, which is kinda surprising.

I think much of this stems from the fact that Washington is a city carried by diplomats, while Philly is rooted by immigrants. There is no cheesesteak equivalent in DC. It’s a third of the size of Philadelphia, and there’s no “cool” part of town. A block of Chinatown was kinda groovy- you can even get duck blood with scallion and ginger there. Oh la la.

So I know this post is fraught with self-serving intentions (DON’T GO! GEORGETOWN, BAD), but seriously, Washington DC is not that cool when Reverend isn’t there. Not even Obama can make it look less… pasty.

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Lavalier said...

Chin up, Jaibee. My sister lived there for 12 years (she went to Georgetown Law, too) and I have a close "party friend" who lives there. With that experience, I can say I've seen the sights as well as the scenes, and they're not half bad. Granted, I wouldn't live there, but it's a marvelous place for school and it's easy to travel outside the city. And for what it's worth, the people who I know have lived there miss it. They claim the majority of the people are truly proactive on issues, and with the new office, the city is apparently undergoing a spirited upheaval.