Turn My Swag Off

Last year, around this time I commenced the first annual Summer of Celibacy Abstinence Challenge. (I didn’t mean this to be annual but what the hay) It started off as a 40 day emo protest and I was thankfully relieved 120+ days later. Because it was funny and it gave me something to talk about when meeting new people, I’m giving it another go. The boo will be road tripping for about a month and I’m going to wait it out. Any support you can send my way will be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps I’ll also start a cleanse diet too. Anyone want to be miserable-but-empowered with me?

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LeKilneje (blog is dooown) said...

I'm currently in an undesired state of celibacy. But, damn... More power to you.

I was returning in hopes that you would have posted about Farrah and Michael. :-p