Happy Thanksgiving (teacups II)

My favorite teacup, the Tiffany-box-blue one, has a chip in its lip. The saucer is, in fact, not in tact. I’ve come to terms with the Twister cups that I once thought were tacky and outdated (I think they’re rather retro-chic) Over those tacky teacups, sob stories as sticky as honey, romances as sweet as honey, laughter as thick as honey.

What can be learned in a year? Sip slowly. Take the higher ground. Take lots of pictures. Take your vitamins. Wear a helmet. Wear socks. Don’t leave pomegranates on top of your fridge in excess of a month. Lock your door, and turn out the lights when you’re not there.

I learned to appreciate you and me, and tea for two. I learned that it’s not the time in between us, but the time when we’re together, and the time you’re on my mind. I learned to send letters when email isn’t fast enough. I adjusted my camera’s view.

"The richest person is not the person who has the most, but who needs the least"- Grandma

happy thanksgiving.

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