"Took some broad here on our first date cause shes vegetarian. I figured "hey, its a chinese place i'm sure i'll like something." I figured wrong. Everything tasted like funnel cake! I don't get it. Granted I'm sure if I was a weirdo vegan and this is the best I could do I'd love it but alas I'm normal and like meat. Vegan food is too much for me and I would assume the same for most normals."

an actual review for Harmony Vegetarian restaurant in Philadelphia (via www.urbanspoon.com)


Just Old

I just feel old.

Every morning I'm more surprised that my knees don't creak and my back still straightens. My chest feels old, my stomach, my eyes- all old.

All "oh, I've seen it all before." All "time will tell."

I think I've always been this way. Maybe I was born like Benjamin Button, except different.

If I feel this way now, how will I feel when my skin is actually crumpled crepe paper? When I actually have clouded eyes? When I can open pickle jars or button my clothes?

I do wonder if I'll get any better at crossword puzzles...